WCS Digital – Open for Business – & Coronavirus Posters

WCS Digital, Coronavirus & a COVID-19 Poster

We’re keen to let customers know that we’re open for business as usual here at WCS Digital Print in London WC1. So, whether you need brochures, leaflets, posters, annual reports, stationery or anything else printed, we’re here to help.

Uninterrupted print & design services

Our digital printing, litho printing and large format printing services cover pretty much anything that can be printed, so just let us know if you need anything produced for you. Don’t forget, we supply graphic design and artwork services too. Quotations for both print and design are free and without pressure or obligation. We’re based in Mount Pleasant near Clerkenwell and Farringdon so will be particularly convenient for anyone based in that area of west central London.

Call 020 7278 0950, request an online quote here or contact us here and we’ll be happy to help. You can also upload your artwork files here if you’re ready to go ahead.

Safeguarding health & well-being

“The health & well-being of both customers and staff is our top priority”

Rest assured that we’re doing all we can to safeguard everyone and to keep everybody as safe as possible. We’ve implemented various measures towards this end …

Strict hygiene standards are being followed on every front. This ranges from anti-bacterial hand wash, soap and disinfectant being available in strategic locations around our offices, print rooms, work stations, wash rooms and public areas. We’re regularly disinfecting, keeping a sensible social distance from each other and from the public, and encouraging policies like remote working wherever possible. We also encourage customers and prospects to liaise with us remotely if they can. In this day and age it’s easy enough to telephone, email and pass files, images and artwork electronically, so this is reasonably straight forward. We ask customers to remain careful and follow social distancing guidelines. That’s especially important where customers have recently been abroad, in particular to a country that’s been badly affected by the Coronavirus.

We’re also staggering shifts here at WCS Digital Print so that staff and management can avoid the busiest travel times, again reducing contact with other members of the public to a bare minimum. Don’t forget too that we have several print shops in London, so can focus work in the safest location should any geographical area become more adversely affected than another. It’s also worth pointing out that virtually all our printing and production processes are undertaken entirely in-house, limiting the need for contact with others even further.

Coronavirus poster to buy online

We will continue Read more

Printers to the City of London

Printers for the City of London

Located just a stone’s throw away from the City of London, WCS Digital Print often supplies printing and design to those working in the financial, insurance and banking sectors located there. We also produce design and printing for a myriad of other businesses packed into this thriving area. These include local theatres, arts centres, museums, universities, legal professionals, bars, restaurants, jewellers, markets and visitor attractions to name just a few. We offer litho printing, digital printing, large format printing and graphic design services and many other print-related services. This article focuses on this intriguing and unique area of East Central London.

City of LondonThe City of London

The City of London (or “the City” as it’s known) is actually a county. In fact, it’s the smallest county in the UK but the fourth most densely populated. That’s quite incredible when you think about it. It also packs an enormous punch in terms of its influence, which extends well beyond its borders to say the least! Also known unofficially as the Square Mile, this area is a global financial centre. It’s home to the City of London Corporation and financial institutions like the London Stock Exchange, Lloyds of London and the Bank of England. In many aspects the financial capital of the world, the area is a massive employer, despite its diminutive size. About 75% of jobs in the City are in the finance, insurance and professional sectors. There are also many other business services surrounding such activities. Printing is just one such service, and at WCS Digital Print, we’re happy to be involved in the Square Mile’s exciting world.

The City is situated in the area originally settled by the Romans in the first century, in AD 43. It covers an area that actually formed most of London (originally ‘Londinium’) right up until the Middle Ages. After that, London really started expanding outwards, towards what we know today. In the interim it became home to the first skyscraper in the UK (the NatWest Tower) and, of course, we now have landmarks in the area like the ‘Gherkin’, the ‘Cheesegrater’ and the ‘Walkie-Talkie’ amongst many other tall buildings. A few feature in the main image at the top of this post.

Printing for businesses, organisations & institutions in the Square Mile

Despite its comparatively small size, the City is an incredibly important area of London and the UK. Indeed it remains one of the most important financial centres in the world. As such, there is an enormous variety of organisations and institutions that require top-notch printed literature to show themselves off professionally. WCS Digital Print are conveniently located to supply this. We love producing high quality, competitively priced design and printing — it’s what we do best. This includes things like Read more

Eco-friendly printers in London WC1

Eco-friendly printers in London WC1

WCS Digital Print also plays its part in the fight against global warming and unnecessary waste. We’ve ploughed money into ‘green’ printing solutions like eco-friendly, low-energy printing machines. We’ve radically expanded the choice of eco-friendly papers and boards available to our customers. We also try to use ‘green’ couriers to deliver printing across London wherever possible. Even our website is hosted on green servers that minimise energy use and keep heat emissions down to a minimum. And rest assured; we collect as many of our paper and board offcuts as we can. That’s quite a lot of material each month that goes straight back into the recycling chain … to make more paper, without the need to cut down trees.

Green papers and boards

The choice of ‘green’ papers and boards at WCS Digital Print includes anything from papers manufactured entirely from sustainably-sourced materials to 100% recycled stock. We offer a mixture too. Just one example is paper made partly from recycled pulp and partly using pulp from sustainable, FSC accredited sources. FSC is the Forest Stewardship Council. They promote responsible forestry, ensuring that FSC accredited products protect the forests themselves as well as the wildlife and communities that call the forests home. We also offer papers and boards that have no wood pulp in them whatsoever, for example paper made of sustainably farmed cotton. This type of paper also benefits from being beautifully ‘crisp’, which is great for high quality stationery, upmarket annual reports and suchlike. All these different stock options mean you have a choice of exactly ‘how green’ your printed items are and what they cost to produce — that’s a cost on several levels, when you think about it.

There is no ‘Planet B’

These days, more and more people are looking for eco-friendly options in their daily lives, including everything from food to transport — and even printing. After all, with temperatures repeatedly hitting all-time records around the world, we all need to wake up and to play our part in helping the planet recover — before it’s too late.

“We all need to wake up and to play our part in helping the planet recover — before it’s too late.

We’re seeing ice caps melting at unprecedented rates, raging infernos causing devastation on both the American and Australian continents, widespread floods in UK locations that have never been experienced in living memory and rising sea levels across the globe. We’re finally waking up to the devastation we’re causing to the air, land and oceans, with plastic and other waste washing up on previously idyllic beaches and wildlife suffering terribly as a consequence. We’re also seeing vast swathes of previously virgin rainforests being plundered for timber, wood pulp and palm oil, to the detriment of wildlife, the environment and, ultimately to us. There is no ‘Planet B’ though. Without the rainforests, animals will face extinction and the ‘lungs’ of the world will not be there to absorb the carbon dioxide from what will become an ever-hotter, planet-sized greenhouse. Read more

The Benefits of Great Graphic Design

The benefits of great graphic design

We promised to tell you more about the value of a great graphic design service in our previous post and that’s what we’ll be covering right here …

The bottom line is that great graphic design can make the difference between the success or failure of your sales and marketing efforts. That’s incredibly important. Quite simply, without excellent graphic design, you could be throwing money down the drain — remember to bear that in mind when you spend money on your sales and marketing, including production of printed literature, exhibition displays, website design and even adverts in magazines. While it’s great to generate some top-notch printing, what good is it if the subject matter looks amateurish, unattractive and the sales proposition or key message is unclear? All too often, for example, we see badly designed brochures, flyers and posters that shout messages from every centimetre of printed space. All that achieves is a din of noise and an unclear core message.

That’s where good graphic design can really turn things around.

“Great graphic design can make the difference between the success or failure of your sales and marketing efforts”

As well as making documents look attractive and eye-catching, a good graphic designer will ensure that the key message gets understood right away, with clear communication and careful ‘weighting’ of all the subsidiary information that follows it. Approaching things this way means that your sales message is seen and understood in just seconds, or even milliseconds, and then the prospect knows where to look next. That’s all very important because most people will usually make a decision on whether to continue reading within just a few moments. If the message is not crystal clear virtually instantly, most will simply move on.

Graphic Designers in London WC1, Clerkenwell & Farringdon

At WCS Digital Print, we have excellent graphic designers in-house, so we can see, at first hand, the huge difference they make to the jobs that we print. Good graphic designers not only make sales and marketing literature look amazing, but they can also help Read more

Welcome to the WCS Digital Printing blog!

Welcome to the WCS Digital Print blog

Welcome to our news blog. At WCS Digital Print, we’ll regularly update this section of the website to bring you the latest printing news, case studies, information about services on offer, technical guidelines, special offers and maybe even the occasional competition! It will grow into quite a resource over the coming months, so please do come and take a look again soon.

Examples of articles to come may include a guide to preparing artwork ready for print, an overview of our lamination, encapsulation and U.V. varnish options, a spotlight on foil blocking and how digital foiling makes things quick and easy compared to traditional hot foil stamping. However, those are just a few examples. We’ll cover every aspect of printing and print finishing by the time we’re finished (although, come to think of it, we will probably never be finished as we’ll always be updating the services on offer, the equipment that we use and the papers and boards that we can print on!).

Last but not least, we’ll highlight the work of local individuals, companies and organisations that we work with in the London WC1 area around Mount Pleasant, Clerkenwell, Farringdon and beyond. Such case studies show good examples of what we can achieve as well as shining the light on the excellent work, services and accomplishments of customers that we work for. It’s also a way of giving back to the local community, of course.

So, please do stay tuned! Perhaps bookmark this page or sign up to our e-newsletter if you’d like to receive updates via email. You can do that in the sidebar on the right if you’re viewing on a desktop or tablet. If you’re viewing on a mobile, click here. For all other queries and advice, simply call us on 020 7278 0950 or contact us here. You can also get a print quote here, free of charge.