Our Printing Services in London WC1

Printing services in London WC1

We thought we’d give you a general overview of specifically the printing services on offer here at WCS Digital Print. They are extremely comprehensive! We’re a printer that’s based in Mount Pleasant so, if you are based anywhere near Clerkenwell, Farringdon or the London WC1 area, we could be a very useful and convenient printer for you, your company or organisation. So, take a moment to have a read and perhaps bookmark this website in your browser for easy future reference.

As you’ll learn below, we can print pretty much anything. That’s because we have incredible print facilities in-house along with the very best printers, print finishers and graphic designers in the area. Our print production equipment is an optimum mixture of state-of-the-art digital machinery and traditional equipment. The modern machinery allows for high speed, high quality production while the traditional facilities allow processes and finishes that quite simply would not be possible with digital equipment. Spot colour printing is just one example and you can read more about that later in this post …

We're digital printersWe’re digital printers

Firstly, we’re digital printers. Our state-of-the-art digital printing equipment allows for printing at high speed, high quality and all without fuss or delay. No printing plates are required with digital print, so it’s generally a faster, easier, more hassle-free process despite being very high quality. Digital printing allows for true ‘on demand’ printing. So, whether you need just one copy of several thousand at the drop of a hat, our digital printing presses ensure that it’s a breeze.

Digital printing is most economical for short and medium runs.

Learn more about our digital printing service here.

Litho printers in London WC1We’re litho printers

Despite our name, WCS Digital are also traditional litho printers. In fact, we are amongst only a few WC1 printers that have lithographic printing presses in-house. What this means for you is that we can supply printing processes and finishes that are simply not possible with modern digital equipment. For example, we can print in true spot colours including fluorescent colours, metallic inks and those Pantone colours that are problematic using digital processes (e.g. Reflex Blue … with litho printing it’s no problem at all but you’d never get the required colour saturation using a digital process). So, if you are looking for true Pantone accuracy, super-saturated colours, metallics and vibrant fluorescents, then give our litho printing service a try. When compared to digital printing, the need for printing plates means that there’s a little more set-up required with litho, but the quality and colour accuracy is simply unsurpassed.

Litho printing is even more economical than digital printing when volumes are particularly high. It should also be noted that litho printing represents the pinnacle of print quality. As such, litho printing is the benchmark against which all other commercial printing processes are compared.Thermographic printing service in London WC1

Learn more about our litho printing service in London WC1 here.

Thermographic printing services

Our litho presses also allow for thermographic printing, or ‘thermo’ printing as it’s more commonly known. Thermography represents a much cheaper alternative to spot UV varnishing although tends to work best in small areas rather than covering the entire sheet. We’ll write separate, stand-alone, posts about UV varnishing and thermo printing in the future — so do come back regularly if this is of interest and you’d like to learn more about these innovative and highly attractive finishes.

Large format printing services in Clerkenwell & FarringdonWe’re large format printers

Our large format printing service does exactly what it says on the tin. In other words, it’s all about our ability to print large or very large printed items, courtesy of our large format presses and machinery. The service is perfect for the production of things like posters, in-store display graphics, banners, exhibition graphics, signage, roller banners, architectural plans and so on. Colours are vibrant, tones are deep and the quality is exceptional. So, whether you want something printed for your wall at home or for a large scale exhibition display at a trade show, our large format printing service is just the ticket.

Learn more about our large format printing services here.

We offer a print management service

With so many different printing processes on tap in-house, it will be no surprise to learn that we also offer a full print management service. This is where we take on and streamline all your printing requirements for you, so you don’t have to organise them yourself.Print management service in London WC1 The service not only saves you a considerable amount of time, but can also save you money. That’s because, when we know about all of your printed items and when they’ll be required, we can identify areas where items can be printed together, for example printed at the same time on larger sheets which we then cut down. So you end up with the same high quality printing, but produced in a more economical way. That would simply not be possible if each print job was commissioned on an individual basis. The fact that we have several printing processes available also means that we can make sure that the most cost-efficient process is used for each individual item and print volume.

We can work out a timetable to ensure that you always have enough of every item of your printed sales and marketing collateral too, exactly when you need it.

Putting your trust in a commercial printer like WCS Digital also means that you can be sure that the quality is high and colours are always consistent. A professional print management service like ours also means that the various artwork files are all in one place should you ever have a last minute print requirement that’s not on the normal schedule.

Our print management service is suitable for any type or range of printed collateral. However, it’s particularly useful for things like leaflets, brochures, information sheets, catalogues, packaging, corporate stationery and business cards — but that list just scratches the surface of what we can print for you. We’d be happy to undertake a print audit for you, to see what’s needed and when, along with identifying areas where you could save money using our service.

Learn more about our print management service in London WC1 here.

Graphic designers in Clerkenwell, Farringdon & London WC1We’re graphic designers and finished artists

All of the above would not be possible without good graphic design and digital artwork. That’s fine if you have your own designers and finished artists. However, if not, we have in-house graphic designers who can produce your design layouts and finished artwork for you. They’re true professionals and will make sure your digital files not only process optimally on our printing presses, but also they’ll ensure your sales and marketing items look attractive, eye-catching and highly communicative. After all, what use is printing unless you get your brand’s sales or marketing message across on the finished item! We’ll write a stand-alone blog post in due course all about our graphic design and artwork services and how they can help you increase your bottom line, so stay tuned.

Learn more about our graphic design and artwork service here.

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