• Print finishing services in London WC1 (Farringdon & Clerkenwell): WCS Digital Print.

We’re a print finisher in London WC1

We also offer various print finishing services from our print shop in Mount Pleasant, London WC1. These include:

  • Bookbinding, document binding, brochure and booklet making.
  • Folding and scoring of paper or card, ready for binding etc.
  • Guillotining, where we accurately cut printed sheets down to size.
  • Mounting of printed documents onto a variety of substrates including Foamex, Foam-X (a.k.a. poly board or foam core) and mounting board.
  • A die-cutting process or computer-controlled cutting to cut any irregular shape.
  • Collating, for example, making up packs that each contain inserts in the right order.
  • Inserting & stuffing, for example inserting mailers into envelopes or stuffing inserts into folders and suchlike.
  • Padding — where we convert printed or unprinted sheets into handy pads. For example branded notepads for conferences or NCR order pads for restaurants, hotels and offices, etc.
  • Stapling documents into sets or similarly using saddle-stitching to convert folded sheets into brochures and booklets.
  • Laminating or encapsulating printed sheets. Laminated sheets can have a matt, soft-touch or high gloss finish to one or both sides. Encapsulated sheets are generally high gloss and feature a thin border of ‘welded’ encapsulation material around all four edges of every sheet. They also tend to be more rigid than the thinner laminated equivalent.
  • We can also produce overprinted envelopes — great for brand recognition and mailers.
  • Foiling — we can supply digitally foiled documents or traditional hot foil. Various metallic colours are available (e.g. gold, copper, silver) as well as metallic colours like metal red and metallic green, along with other foil effects including clear, white and even holographic (great for security documents).

Contact your print finisher in London WC1

To discuss any of your print finishing requirements, simply call WCS Digital on 020 7278 0950 or request a free print finishing quote here. You can also email us a message here (please use the form in the first instance – that’s an anti-spam precaution – and we will email you back). We’ll be very happy to hear from you.

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