• WCS are litho/lithographic printers in Clerkenwell/Farringdon, based in Mount Pleasant, London WC1.

We’re litho printers in WC1

WCS Digital Print is one of just a few, increasingly rare, litho printers in the Mount Pleasant, Farringdon and Clerkenwell region of West Central London. And with a digital printing service on offer too, you can always rest assured that you are benefitting from the most appropriate printing process for each individual project, along with the most competitive pricing.

The benefits of litho printing

It’s widely accepted in the printing industry that lithographic printing represents the absolute pinnacle of quality while also accomplishing several feats that are simply impossible using digital printing.

Spot colour printing

Firstly, litho printing is the only process that makes true ‘spot colour’ printing possible. Digital printing presses simply cannot output spot colours as they typically use ‘process’ printing (which uses tiny dots of just four standard process ink colours of cyan, yellow, magenta and black). So, if you want to print one of the more vivid Pantone colours that is impossible to match using process printing, then litho printing is the perfect and only truly accurate solution. You’ll get richer blues, vastly better oranges and purples, more saturated colours and generally much better Pantone matches across the board using our litho service. That’s because the colours are mixed individually as liquid ink rather than trying to accomplish them using overlapping dots of just the four process colours. Litho results are simply unsurpassed even when compared to the most state-of-the-art, up-to-date digital presses. And the same goes for full colour printing on a litho press — it’s simply the best that there is, which is why litho printing is the benchmark against which all other commercial printing processes are compared.

Metallic colours

Similarly, if you want to print a liquid ink that has a metallic feel to it like gold, copper or silver, then you cannot do that on a digital press — but it’s super easy on our litho presses. Pantone has a large set of metallic colours on offer, so many designers make use of this but then struggle to source a printer with lithographic ‘spot colour’ facilities. Well, struggle no more; we can help!


Yet another benefit of litho printing is our ability to also include thermography in the finished result. Thermographic printing (‘thermo’ for short) is a separate process which adds a new, slightly three dimensional aspect to your printing and is perfect for things like fancy stationery and invitations. So, if you want your printed logos and graphics to feel slightly raised without the higher costs associated with embossing, our thermo process is simply perfect.

Lower costs on volume printing

Litho printing can also work out cheaper than digital printing if the production volume is particularly large. It may not be able to compete price-wise for low to medium quantities, but it really comes into its own when print quantities are much higher. In that scenario, you not only benefit from lower prices, but also from the unsurpassed quality.

Contact us for a litho printing quotation

If you’d like to discuss our WC1 litho printing service, please do get in touch. We can supply free quotes, give you artwork and design advice (or we can supply design and finished artwork for you for a nominal charge). Our advice is free and without any obligation or pressure. Get an online quote here, email us here or simply call 020 7278 0950 and we’ll be delighted to help.

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