• WCS Digital: eco-friendly printers in Mount Pleasant, London WC1, near Clerkenwell & Farringdon. Our green printing solutions include recycled & sustainable papers, cards & boards.

An eco-friendly printer

We’re an eco-friendly printer based in London WC1, just near Clerkenwell and Farringdon. WCS Digital is committed to being as green as we possibly can be, offering an ecologically-friendly print service to customers who, like us, care deeply about the environment.

What makes our printing service green?

  • We encourage customers to consider papers and boards that are either recycled or contain fibres and materials from sustainable sources. Generally speaking, we aim to ensure that everything we print contains at least 20% recycled pulp.
  • All off-cuts are carefully gathered and stored, ready to be collected for recycling.
  • All new printing press and machinery purchases are carefully selected to ensure that they use as little energy as possible, so as to further reduce the carbon footprint of our print works.
  • We always make sure that we can offer customers a good choice of eco-friendly, partly and totally recycled papers, cards and boards. This ensures that they can make an informed choice that’s kinder to the environment while still looking every bit smart and professional.
  • We are currently in the early stages of planning for ISO accreditation in sustainability. We plan to embark upon this during the next twelve months.

Looking for an eco-friendly printer?

If the environment matters to you, your business or organisation, you’ll also want to carefully choose your commercial printer and paper next time you need some printing. WCS Digital can help you tell the wood from the trees so you end up with truly green printing. If this sounds of interest, call for a chat on 020 7278 0950, send us an email here or ask for an online print quote here. We’ll be happy to help.

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