• WCS is a WC1 digital printer based in Mount Pleasant, near Clerkenwell & Farringdon in west central London.

We’re digital printers in WC1

We are a digital printer based in London WC1. Our printing service offers exceptionally high quality results in double-quick time and all at very competitive rates. The printed output is sharp, detail is crystal clear and overall it’s hard to distinguish the quality from high-end litho printing. Colours are vibrant, tints are clean and photograph tones are deep, allowing detail even in shadow areas, along with just the right balance of contrast throughout.

Benefits of digital printing

Perhaps the best thing about digital printing is the fact that you only need only order as many copies of your document as you require. You no longer have to over-order and store thousands just to keep the individual unit cost low — as it’s low in the first place. That’s because, with the digital print process, no physical printing plates are needed. That means less steps are needed, there are less materials, a faster set-up of machinery and near instant results. With digital print, you save a huge amount of time as well as money, so it’s a double win!

One of the other major benefits of this process is that printing can be personalised. For example, we can merge printed brochures or mailers with a database so that every sheet produced is addressed to a different, named, recipient, right there in the printed graphics. Alternatively it could even be an image or graphic that changes on every copy — or several dynamic things all at once.

Another major benefit of the digital process is that we can supply you with a proof printed on exactly the material you want for your project. That means that you can see and feel exactly how the printed output will be without having to commit to the entire print run first — you simply don’t have that option with litho printing as it would be cost-prohibitive for all but the highest budget jobs. That means less risk and an extra opportunity to change things before it’s too late — and all at a very negligible cost.

So, if you need fast turnaround printing that’s high quality but affordable, look no further than WCS Digital for your digital printing. We even offer a same day service whenever possible.

Digital printing is most competitive for low and medium volumes. We can print on paper weights from 80gsm to 300gsm and image up to 3000 full colour sheets per hour. Our presses cope with sheet sizes up to oversize A3, so a full colour A4 brochure is no problem even with colours bleeding off all edges.

Contact us on 020 7278 0950 for more information or for an informal chat about your next printing project. Alternative, request a quotation here or send us a message here and we’ll be in contact by return. Quotes and advice are free and without pressure or obligation.

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