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Digital colour printing

Located in WC1 and SE1

Collect your order in WC1 or SE1.

Print on Demand

quality: the look and feel of quality full colour printing.

cost: because films & plates are redundant you don’t need to print thousands to be cost effective and can order only what you need.

speed: you can have your design in print within hours rather than weeks.

customise: with our personalisation software, different data can be added to each page as it prints. Send each of your customers a unique print!

updates: print without fear of wasting fortunes when the data contained changes. Print what you need now and an updated version in a few weeks. Experiment with several different versions of the same document!

proofing: test your designs on the very paper you’ll later use for a major print-run, from 80gsm to 300gsm, matt, gloss or uncoated.


Colour copying

speed: the Xerox DocuColor can produce up to 3000 full colour A4 prints per hour.

copy quality: colour-faithful reproduction of documents, artwork or photographs is assured by the Xerox’s high resolution output and our skilled operators.

print quality: we can run straight from your disc in either Mac or PC formats on stocks up to 300gsm, coated or uncoated. The reproduction is amazingly sharp and we can print on oversize A3 to allow graphics to bleed off page in A3: Ideal for A4 magazine formats.

enlargements & reductions: your colour illustrations or photos can be enlarged in one operation by up to 400% and reduced to 25% on paper sizes up to SRA3.