Eco-friendly printers in London WC1

Eco-friendly printers in London WC1

WCS Digital Print also plays its part in the fight against global warming and unnecessary waste. We’ve ploughed money into ‘green’ printing solutions like eco-friendly, low-energy printing machines. We’ve radically expanded the choice of eco-friendly papers and boards available to our customers. We also try to use ‘green’ couriers to deliver printing across London wherever possible. Even our website is hosted on green servers that minimise energy use and keep heat emissions down to a minimum. And rest assured; we collect as many of our paper and board offcuts as we can. That’s quite a lot of material each month that goes straight back into the recycling chain … to make more paper, without the need to cut down trees.

Green papers and boards

The choice of ‘green’ papers and boards at WCS Digital Print includes anything from papers manufactured entirely from sustainably-sourced materials to 100% recycled stock. We offer a mixture too. Just one example is paper made partly from recycled pulp and partly using pulp from sustainable, FSC accredited sources. FSC is the Forest Stewardship Council. They promote responsible forestry, ensuring that FSC accredited products protect the forests themselves as well as the wildlife and communities that call the forests home. We also offer papers and boards that have no wood pulp in them whatsoever, for example paper made of sustainably farmed cotton. This type of paper also benefits from being beautifully ‘crisp’, which is great for high quality stationery, upmarket annual reports and suchlike. All these different stock options mean you have a choice of exactly ‘how green’ your printed items are and what they cost to produce — that’s a cost on several levels, when you think about it.

There is no ‘Planet B’

These days, more and more people are looking for eco-friendly options in their daily lives, including everything from food to transport — and even printing. After all, with temperatures repeatedly hitting all-time records around the world, we all need to wake up and to play our part in helping the planet recover — before it’s too late.

“We all need to wake up and to play our part in helping the planet recover — before it’s too late.

We’re seeing ice caps melting at unprecedented rates, raging infernos causing devastation on both the American and Australian continents, widespread floods in UK locations that have never been experienced in living memory and rising sea levels across the globe. We’re finally waking up to the devastation we’re causing to the air, land and oceans, with plastic and other waste washing up on previously idyllic beaches and wildlife suffering terribly as a consequence. We’re also seeing vast swathes of previously virgin rainforests being plundered for timber, wood pulp and palm oil, to the detriment of wildlife, the environment and, ultimately to us. There is no ‘Planet B’ though. Without the rainforests, animals will face extinction and the ‘lungs’ of the world will not be there to absorb the carbon dioxide from what will become an ever-hotter, planet-sized greenhouse. Read more