• Document binding, bookbinding, brochure printing & booklet making services in London WC1, near Clerkenwell & Farringdon.

Document binding, bookbinding, brochure and booklet making services in WC1

We’re a bookbinder, booklet maker, brochure printer & document binder in London WC1. We offer many different types of binding, giving customers a wide choice of finish, format, feel and pricing. From books, brochures and booklets to simple bound documents suitable for meetings and presentations, we have all your document binding needs covered.

Comb binding.

Comb binding: this fast and easy document binding method uses a traditional plastic comb attached to pages to form a spine and is suitable for document thicknesses up to 45mm. The plastic spine is available in a variety of colours although white and black are by far the most popular. Comb-bound documents can simply bind printed pages or include a thicker cover and/or acetate sheet for protection at the front and back. Also consider wire binding (below), which many perceive to be a more modern-looking alternative.

Wire binding

Wire binding (also called wiro or Wire-O binding) uses a more modern, contemporary-looking wire binding mechanism to the spine and is also quick, easy and inexpensive. The wire is thin, which looks more attractive than comb binding in our view, and comes in a variety of colours including white, black, red etc. The binding mechanism allows the finished booklets to be opened completely flat if required. Usually, but not always, a thicker cover sheet is used at the front and back to give the booklet more strength. A clear acetate sheet is also an option for additional protection. With this binding method, we can bind documents up to 28mm thick.

Velo binding

Velo binding (a.k.a. ‘strip’ binding) is another fast and inexpensive document binding service that’s on offer at WCS Digital. It uses a plastic strip along the top and bottom of the spine of the bound documents, trapping the pages in between using a series of hidden ‘tines’ that have been punched through near the edges of the pages. There is usually also a transparent plastic cover to the front and a card backing sheet to the back. It is a popular binding method, particularly with the legal profession, as the binding mechanism tends to be tamper-proof. However, unlike wire binding, this binding method does not allow the resulting booklet to be opened completely flat. We can velo bind documents up to 75mm in thickness.

Perfect binding

Perfect binding is a highly professional bookbinding method that is similar to what you see with soft-bound paperback books. So, the spine can be significantly thick and is flat, with the internal pages glued in at the spine edge. Just like a soft-back novel, though, you cannot usually open the book completely flat without breaking the glue binding in the spine area to some degree. However, it looks incredibly professional and has a feeling of high quality compared to the other, more basic, document binding methods above. We can perfect bind documents/books up to 90mm thick.

Hard Binding/Case Binding

Hard binding, also known as case binding, is the ultimate type of bookbinding. In fact, it’s exactly what’s used for hardback books. So, you end up with stiff, thick covers and a kind of sculptured hinge to the spine, which is usually thick in depth as well as in the material used. Speaking of which, case-bound books can be covered in material or paper, either of which is used to cover thicker card sheets (front and back) in the underlying structure. The paper-covered variety can be full colour printed and laminated etc. while either variety can be foil blocked. The internal pages of the book are section sewn, so are more forgiving than perfect bound pages, opening flatter without damage to the integrity of the spine.

Case-bound books are perfect for high-end books but also for design and architectural proposals that need to look top quality as well as being robust and substantial in feel. Important manuals and luxury style annual reports are also typically hard-bound, making an excellent first impression that has both gravitas as well as a weighty feel in the hand.

Saddle-stitched (stapled) brochure printers

We also saddle-stitch brochures after creasing or scoring then folding the printed sheets. After they’ve been stapled, we trim them neatly to the final size. Although simple, saddle-stitched brochures/booklets look great — with a real professional feel about them. They will open flat too, and are very economical to produce.

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