The Benefits of Great Graphic Design

The benefits of great graphic design

We promised to tell you more about the value of a great graphic design service in our previous post and that’s what we’ll be covering right here …

The bottom line is that great graphic design can make the difference between the success or failure of your sales and marketing efforts. That’s incredibly important. Quite simply, without excellent graphic design, you could be throwing money down the drain — remember to bear that in mind when you spend money on your sales and marketing, including production of printed literature, exhibition displays, website design and even adverts in magazines. While it’s great to generate some top-notch printing, what good is it if the subject matter looks amateurish, unattractive and the sales proposition or key message is unclear? All too often, for example, we see badly designed brochures, flyers and posters that shout messages from every centimetre of printed space. All that achieves is a din of noise and an unclear core message.

That’s where good graphic design can really turn things around.

“Great graphic design can make the difference between the success or failure of your sales and marketing efforts”

As well as making documents look attractive and eye-catching, a good graphic designer will ensure that the key message gets understood right away, with clear communication and careful ‘weighting’ of all the subsidiary information that follows it. Approaching things this way means that your sales message is seen and understood in just seconds, or even milliseconds, and then the prospect knows where to look next. That’s all very important because most people will usually make a decision on whether to continue reading within just a few moments. If the message is not crystal clear virtually instantly, most will simply move on.

Graphic Designers in London WC1, Clerkenwell & Farringdon

At WCS Digital Print, we have excellent graphic designers in-house, so we can see, at first hand, the huge difference they make to the jobs that we print. Good graphic designers not only make sales and marketing literature look amazing, but they can also help the viewer, your prospect, focus on the right elements on the page, in the optimum order, thereby helping them to quickly understand what’s on offer and what the key messages are.

Great graphic design can help you make more profit

The benefits of a great graphic design service

In a nutshell, great graphic design is incredibly important …

  • Great graphic design looks eye-catching and attractive.
  • Great graphic design communicates quickly & efficiently.
  • Great graphic design conveys a clear message or proposition.
  • Great graphic design often incorporates a clear call to action.
  • Great graphic design helps grow brand awareness.
  • Great graphic design can optimise the use of paper and ink, potentially saving you money on production costs.
  • Great graphic design ensures trouble-free printing through supply of suitable artwork files even when additional separations are required, for example for spot colours, foiled areas or spot varnishing.
  • Great graphic design can help to improve the return on your investment (ROI).

All in all, great graphic design can help you make more profit!

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If you’d like expert input from our talented graphic designers and finished artists, we’d be delighted to help. If you’re a business, individual or organisation located in Clerkenwell, Farringdon or anywhere close by, you’re welcome to visit us at our print shop in Mount Pleasant, in west central London (WC1). If you’re further afield, send us a message here, call us on 020 7278 0950 or request a free quotation here, without any obligation. We can help you by designing attractive sales and marketing literature that’ll help convert your prospects into customers. We can design virtually anything that you need printed. That includes flyers, brochures, catalogues, annual reports, posters, banners, exhibition displays and much more. Learn more about all of our printing-related services here.