Game-Changing Anti-Bacterial Laminate

A Game-Changing Anti-Bacterial Laminate Has Arrived

SafeLam - kills bacteria on contact

SafeLam - kills viruses on contact

SafeLam - kills coronavirus on contact

SafeLam - works no matter how many people handle it

SafeLam - makes printed surfaces safer to handle

In these days of COVID-19, with the threat of coronavirus lurking at every turn, widespread potential danger is closer than at any other time in living memory. Every surface could be a risk to life and limb. Even humble brochures, business cards, postcards and greetings cards could carry the virus and help it to spread. That’s why the arrival of a revolutionary new coating for printed items is such a game-changer. ‘SafeLam’ is turning out to be quite a saviour, arriving like a knight in shining armour to ensure that booklets, catalogues, mailers or display graphics remain safe and sanitary, irrespective of how many people have touched them.

At first glance, SafeLam appears to be a standard gloss or matt plastic laminate, much like any other. However, buried within the make-up of its surface lies a secret weapon that’s turning out to be key in the fight against COVID-19. SafeLam’s remarkable laminate surface contains an antimicrobial agent that kills up to 99% of harmful microbes that come into contact with it. That means that bacteria and viruses — including coronavirus — are stopped in their tracks and neutralised before they can do any harm. They don’t even stand a chance to survive, let alone spread.

SafeLam is ISO 22196 accredited for its antimicrobial properties

SafeLam antivirus lamination - available in gloss or matt finishAvailable in Matt and Gloss Finishes

SafeLam looks like standard lamination and, as such, is essentially a thin plastic coating that is applied under pressure to the surface of printed documents. The end result is either a super-glossy finish to the printing, or a more subtle, matt look. As with standard lamination, the choice between matt and gloss will be a subjective one. Gloss lamination tends to give the printed image a bit more ‘punch’ as well as the highly reflective surface. Matt lamination is more subtle, giving the printed item a low-lustre sheen and a slightly lower contrast to the underlying printed tones. Matt tends to feel silky too. Some may argue it also looks a little more up-market than gloss. Either, however, will protect the printed item from moisture and from wear and tear (indeed, items that are laminated tend to be very hard to tear). And now, with the arrival of SafeLam lamination, it will protect people from coronavirus, COVID-19 and general germs and bacteria too. That’s amazing when you think about it.

An Anti-Virus Coating for Brochures, Business Cards, Display Graphics, Menus & More

The possible applications for SafeLam anti-virus lamination are almost endless. Put simply, it is likely to save lives.

Any printed item that is likely to be handled will be a good candidate for SafeLam. Because they’re handed out quite a bit, business cards are an obvious example. With SafeLam’s antimicrobial surface, they can be passed around from person to person without the risk of passing on coronavirus. It’s the same with menus in cafés, hotels, restaurants and bars. Usually lots of people will handle the same menu and, of course, with coronavirus still at large, that would normally represent quite a potential health hazard. Well, not with SafeLam! It’ll kill bacteria and viruses on contact, irrespective of how many people have handled the same menu. Once bars and eateries are fully open again to the public, SafeLam will prove itself invaluable and will work invisibly to keep everyone safer. Brochures, booklets, annual reports, postcards and even bound manuals, packaging, flyers and posters will benefit from SafeLam’s antimicrobial surface. Roller banners are another good example, as plenty of companies and organisations are currently using them to display safety information, as workplaces re-open after the lock-down. But the real winner is the healthcare industry. Medical professionals regularly give patients and colleagues printed documents. With SafeLam applied to their surfaces, they will greatly reduce the risk of coronavirus being inadvertently transferred from one person to another.

Use SafeLam — Save Lives!

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